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Strate Line Case Packer
Climax Packaging designed this soft case packing machine for applications where space is at a premium and volume is up to 8 cases per minute. This machine can also be built as an Uncaser so you can put one at both ends of your line and only stock one set of repair parts. 
  • Soft Case Packer (Pick & Place)

  • Up to 8 cycles per minute

  • Small Footprint

DP4-I-T SSP (Servo Soft Packer)
The Climax DP4-I-T SSP case packer is designed to softly place the product into the bottom of the case. This eliminates the harsh drop of products and reduces breakage on the packaging line.
  • Soft Case Packing

  • Up to 24 cases per minute/12 cycles

  • Round and Non-Round Containers

  • Servo Controlled

  • Proven Machinery

  • Designed for 24/7 operation

CR-25 Robotic Case Packer
The Climax CR-25 Robotic Case Packer designed to case pack products at up to 25 cases per minute. Tooless changeover and maximum flexibility are built into this robust case packer.
  • Soft Case Packer

  • Precision Case Packing

  • Fast Changeover

  • Affordable Price

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