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Climax Packaging Machinery has been manufacturing high quality case packers, drop packers,
Climax Packaging Machinery has been manufacturing high quality case packers, drop packers,
CanDo C3 Craft Beer Cartoner
The Climax C3 (Climax Craft Cartoner) is Climax’s newest version of our CanDo series of cartoners. This new cartoner was designed with the Craft Brewer in mind. We were asked to develop a specific cartoner to address the needs of our customers at an affordable price.
  • Speeds up to 18 cycles per minute (22 and 27 cycle per minute upgrade available)

  • 4 packs, 6 packs, 8 packs, 9 packs and 12 packs (15 pack, 18 pack and 24 pack upgrade available)

  • Affordable Price

  • Automatic Glue System

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CanDo 360 Cartoner
The Climax CanDo 360 Beverage Cartoner is the leading choice for canning, beverage and rigid containers in it’s class. This Horizontal Beverage Cartoner handles 8-24-packs at speeds of up to 360+ cans/bottles per minute.
  • Speeds up to 360 cans per minute

  • 8-24 packs

  • 12oz. and 16oz. cans

  • Other round products can be packaged with this machine

  • Packs up to 30 cartons per minute

CanDo Semi Auto
The CanDo Semi-Automatic Can Packer is ideal for breweries or beverage companies with small runs. This semi-automated machine requires hand loading, but completely automates the gluing operation at (22) 12-packs per minute.
  • Manual Labor – Minimal Cost

  • 2, 3, 4 or 6 flavors into a case

  • Up to 22 cartons per minute

  • Hard Case

  • Great for variaty packaging

M Packer
The Multi-Packer is a great horizontal cartoning machine for customers in the energy drink, craft beer, and specialty drink markets. This machine can handle a Z-View type carton as well as a totally enclosed carton.
  • Fully Automatic

  • Cans, Glass Bottles or Plastic Bottles

  • 4-8 pack configurations

  • Up to 60 cartons per minute

  • Servo drive for carton loading and compression stations

  • Nordson hot melt glue

  • Allen Bradley PLC

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