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CPT-1 Palletizer
This palletizer is an efficient upgrade that added speed and efficiency to this brewing operation. The heavy trays glide easily over the stainless rollers in the accumulation zone; then the mechanical row pusher with dual chain drive powerfully and gently moves each row to the transfer table.
  • 10+ Casers on Regular 5-7 Collaborative Applications

  • Customizable Footprint

  • Slip & Tear Sheets Available

  • Fully Automatic Dispenser & Pallet Transfers Offered

  • Floor-Level Palletizing with a Low, Medium, or High-Level Product Feed

Climax Packaging Machinery has been manufacturing high quality case packers, drop packers, uncasers, cartoning equipment and custom packaging equipment for 100 years. Since 1916, our goal has been-4.png
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