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If your products come in a bottle, can, jar, or jug like the items above -- any type of rigid container (plastic, glass, metal, or composite), then Climax Packaging Machinery can help you.

We design, engineer, develop, manufacture, and service packaging equipment--specializing in Case and Tray Packers (Drop Packers, Soft Packers, Pick & Place Packers), Uncasers, Tray Stackers, Four Flap Openers, and Lane Dividers.

NEW for 2013 – Strate-Line Packer, Strate-Line Uncaser.

Equipment designed to eliminate hand packing and hand uncasing – SMALL footprint – gentle handling of the products.

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>>> ALL Climax equipment comes with a WRITTEN guarantee. Please click here to see what we promise.

Industries that we serve include:

  • Food Processing (cooking oils, peanut butter, BBQ sauce, salad dressings, meat sauces, catsup, pork n beans, canned veggies)
  • Beverage Bottling (soft drinks, beer, wine, energy drinks, bottle water, distilled spirits, fruit juices & drinks)
  • Household and Industrial Chemicals
  • Health and Beauty Aid Products (hand lotions, shampoo, conditioners, baby oil)
  • Cleaning Products
  • Automotive Fluids (anti-freeze, windshield washing fluid, motor oil, gas & oil treatment)
  • Plastic Bottle Blow Molders
  • Manufacturers of Glass Bottles
  • Contract Packers with a wide variety of packaging lines


Send us an email or call us at (513) 874-1233, so we can help fill your packaging needs.

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